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Shisha Pen

The Single Shisha Pens last for 500 puffs, ideal if you know your favourite flavour

At ShishaSticks.co.uk we're dedicated to finding you the best tasting, easiest to use, most reliable Shisha Pens on the market, and our single packs are no different. Whether you know what flavour Shisha Pen you're looking for or are looking to try out a few different options, you're sure to find something that fits what you're looking for. Don't forget that there's Free UK mainland delivery available on all of our single shisha sticks, so don't worry about getting extra costs!

What are Shisha Pens?

With the explosion of Electronic Cigarettes due in part to the massive celebrity following, the Shisha Pen takes things to the next level. With a vast number of flavours they are the perfect way to enjoy what was once a fairly cumbersome and, since the smoking ban, chilly hobby due to the need to sit outdoors! You can now enjoy Shisha wherever, whenever, and however you want.

Is Smoking a Shisha Pen Safe?

As they only contain a few ingredients, our range of Shisha Pens are far less likely to cause harm to your health when compared with traditional Shisha pipes and cigarettes. There is no nicotine, tobacco, tar, or other toxins that are commonly associated with smoking... in fact, some customers have even reported that by smoking our Shisha Pens they've been able to cut down or stop smoking.

How long will my Shisha Pen last?

Based on 2 second inhalations, Single shisha pens give around 500 puffs each while the multi-packs offer around 300 puffs per stick.

I'm not sure what flavour I like... can I buy more than one?

Of course! Our Shisha Pen category is great if you know what you're looking for but we also have the option of buying multi packs or gift boxes.
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